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The current generation flagship – Samsung S21 Ultra has just been announced this month. So that pretty much means comparison between the Apple’s current flagship and Samsung’s one. Let’s focus on cameras of both, because there aren’t many unexpected and major improvements from their previous flagships. Samsung’s new generation of flagships seems to be more like a better version than the previous one than something really different. Samsung just fixed and improved some things from S20 Ultra’s camera. Now the current flagship phone has an awesome autofocus and zoom. Also it has really good video stabilization. Although, photos and videos are still more colored and contrasted than what they should look like sometimes, that doesn’t directly mean a worse camera but it gives another point to Iphone’s side. Aside from that, the samsung’s camera has many features that can be configurated to capture thing the way how you want them. In comparison the Iphone’s camera has small amount of features, it’s clear, simple and easy to use. As for the Iphone’s camera, it takes really natural colored and sharp photos and videos but it has some major disadvantages compared to Samsung’s camera abilities. Ultra’s pictures in perfect conditions are commonly much more detailed with better quality, but not in every situation. The night mode of both is nice and it keeps improving with every generation. Iphone’s camera mostly do slightly better job with taking photos in low light but this is because of the Ultra’s 108MP(more MP-worse low light capturing).In conlusion, sometimes Iphone’s camera is better, sometimes Ultra’s one. If you like taking macro and ultra-wide angle shots or you like playing with the zoom, take the S21 Ultra, but if you prefer taking videos in both the selfie and the front camera, choose the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There’s no doubt that both cameras are awesome.

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